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In this instance, the 5 0 m g may be approximate; for spectrographic purposes any convenient weight can be used. The Preparation of Samples for Analysis Judgement must be exercised in assaying and in the addition of gold or silver to the assays. One or t w o assay tons is usually a sufficient sample for normal l o w grade ores and similar materials. If the grade is suspected to be high, reduce the sample size accordingly, e . g . , to 0 . 5 or 0 . 2 5 assay ton. (Results in grams per metric ton can be readily obtained by calculation but more easily by selecting a convenient metric sample w e i g h t .

M o v e the cupel near the furnace door when the bead diameter appears to be 3 - 4 m m . Then allow cupellation to proceed until the diameter is 1 - 2 m m , at which time r e m o v e the cupel from the furnace, and place it in a gentle stream of nitrogen on the hearth. Mounting the Lead Beads The equipment required for mounting beads is illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2 . 2 . Mount the standards and sample beads in the s a m e manner. C l a m p the steel block securely in the v i s e . Prepare copper rods, 3/ i 6 in.

Pankratova (122) prepared standards for the analysis of refined iridium and ruthenium by mixing solutions of iridium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, gold, and iron, evaporating to salts, and calcining in hydro­ gen. After mixing the powder with graphite powder, he vaporized it completely from a cratered electrode. Kuranov (123) described a method somewhat similar to these for determining the impurities in iridium and rhodium. In 1962, Lincoln and Kohler (124) published a comprehensive method for the spectrographic analysis of high purity platinum.

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