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By Saber Elaydi

ISBN-10: 1475791704

ISBN-13: 9781475791709

A must-read for mathematicians, scientists and engineers who are looking to comprehend distinction equations and discrete dynamics

Contains the main whole and comprehenive research of the soundness of one-dimensional maps or first order distinction equations.

Has an intensive variety of functions in various fields from neural community to host-parasitoid structures.

Includes chapters on persisted fractions, orthogonal polynomials and asymptotics.

Lucid and obvious writing type

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14 that F;, (0) = fL, it follows (i) 0 is an attracting fixed point for 0 < fL < 1, (ii) 0 is a repelling fixed point for fL > 1, (iii) 0 is an unstable fixed point for fL (b) The equilibrium point x* = = 1. (tL- 1)/fL, fL f 1. (See Figs. ) In order to have x* E (0, 1] we require that fL > 1. Now F;, ((tL - 1)/ tL) = 2 - fL. 15 we obtain the following conclusions: (i) x * is an attracting fixed point for 1 < fL _::: 3 (Fig. 15a). (ii) x* is a repelling fixed point for fL > 3 (Fig. 15b ). 2 2 Cycles To find the 2 cycles we solve the equation F,;(x) X]), X] = = x (or we solve x 2 = {LX 1(I - fLXz(1- Xz)) {L 2X(I - x)[J - {LX(l -X)]-- X= 0.

See Figs. ) The following table provides some astonishing patterns. 4 we bring forward the following observations. 57 .... 6692016 .... This number is called the Feigenbaum number after its discoverer, the physicist Mitchell Feigenbaum [2]. In fact Feigenbaum made a much more remarkable discovery: The number 8 is universal and is independent of the form of the family of maps fJl.. However, the number lloo depends on the family of functions under consideration. 22. (Feigenbaum [1978]). 6692016 does not in general depend on the family of maps.

8) now follows. 2. Let p(E) be the polynomial in Eq. 7) and g(n) be any discrete function. 1, Problem 4. 2. 2 Facto rial Polynomials One of the most interesting functions in difference calculus is the factorial polynomial x

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