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Repeat on other side. Cut fringe and ties and paint as desired. Parfleche Regalia Bag Shoshone Cut rawhide. Lace together on matching holes. Paint geometric shapes. Parfleche Box Rawhide boxes can be made in any size. Make a pattern on paper then cut to size. Dampen rawhide to fold as shown on dotted lines. Lace together at matching holes. Decorate box with dye, acrylic paint, or leave it plain. Baby Carrier Iroquois Strap baby in when new-born. Rail is to protect head. Ceremonial Pipe Split, hollow out pith.

It is useful for cutting small branches, ice, and bones. Root Digger Hide Scraper Cut to fit hand Elk Antler or Wood Steel Blade Cut slot—insert blade Fasten with wet rawhide Finished Scraper Hammer Stone Pecking stone to make notch around stone for either finger grip or handle. Grind on sandstone to refine shape. Polish with leather pulling back and forth. Dried Sapling or Mountain Mahogany Bend around stone Depending on how big you make your stone, it can be used as an axe or hammer or both. Fat Scraper Stone Scraper Metal Awl Boil antler till center is soft; push awl into center.

Add ½″ to length. Measure over the top of the foot from floor over the top to floor. This will determine the width. From the widest portion go straight down to the back. Cut a T in the pattern and set it over your foot. Work with it until you feel it is right. Cut out latigo or rawhide sole using the sole pattern. Cut out leather for top using the top pattern, reverse it for the other foot. Cut tongue as shown. Cut lace and welt for both moccasins. Starting with top and with sole inside out, place welt between.

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