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By Martin Barker;Kate Egan;Tom Phillips;Sarah Ralph

ISBN-10: 1349709107

ISBN-13: 9781349709106

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Dallas just wanted to do his job and go home. Kane was excited about the process and really the only one who wanted to find out about this ship. Brett again just wanted to get paid and go home. Lambert, well she was just scared and the most relatable as a regular human. [#201] For this woman, the politics of the film are played out through the motivations, feelings and fates of the characters. It is their intense humanity which takes the film to new levels. 0006  Alien Audiences viewings and especially perhaps to their memories.

I couldn’t watch Alien because it never seemed to be on TV. Then I asked my parents for the Alien Quadrilogy for Christmas. 0006 Remembering a ‘Masterpiece’  I watched because back then I didn’t really understand the difference between Special and Theatrical editions so I most likely clicked whatever was at the top of the menu. I can remember me finding it quite slow and I was annoyed by the lack of appearances of the Alien. I mainly watched the films because I thought the Aliens looked ‘cool’.

Alien Audiences: Remembering and Evaluating a Classic Movie. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. 0007. 0007 Gifting the Alien Experience  In seeking to understand the kinds of film viewers who responded to our survey, we asked participants to choose a label which came closest to describing themselves, selecting one from among the following: ‘casual/occasional film viewer’, ‘film fan’, ‘film student/scholar’, ‘following particular kinds/genres of film’, ‘keeping up with new interesting releases’, or ‘film expert/professional’.

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