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By Grenville Turner

ISBN-10: 0740798502

ISBN-13: 9780740798504

This is often the tale of the history-making hat that has been part of Australian existence due to the fact 1912. In Akubra Is Australian for Hat, Grenville Turner takes us on a trip with this detailed Australian institution.

Aussies have lived, enjoyed, and died less than their Akubras, and donning one has been a longstanding culture through the continent. The Akubra does all of it. It presents coloration from the cruel Australian solar, works as a fan on a sizzling day, retains snakes at bay, serves as a water jug for a horse, and swats away flies. it might probably also be worn as a hat. cross figure.

This e-book isn't as regards to historical past. Its tone is witty and lighthearted, and breathes that recognized Aussie attitude—you'll don't have any concerns so long as you may have your Akubra in hand (or on head.)

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