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By S. Het Lin, S. Het Lin, A. A. Villaeys, Y. Fujimura

ISBN-10: 9812791736

ISBN-13: 9789812791733

This e-book provides the most recent advancements and concerns in either experimental and theoretical experiences of multi-photon methods and the spectroscopy of atoms, ions and molecules in physics, chemistry, biology and fabric technological know-how. It comprises evaluate papers appropriate for either energetic researchers and non-experts who desire to input the sector.

specified recognition is paid to the new growth of non-linear photon topic interactions in atoms, molecules and interfaces: XUV/soft X-ray, high-order harmonic new release in attosecond regime, high-order harmonic iteration, sum frequency iteration, four-wave blending spectroscopy and molecular orientation with mixed electrostatic and extreme, non-resonant laser fields.

Contents: Nonlinear Optics for Characterizing XUV/Soft X-Ray High-Order Harmonic Fields in Attosecond Regime (Y Nabekawa & okay Midorikawa); Signatures of Molecular constitution and Dynamics in High-Order Harmonic iteration (M Lein & C C Chiril ); Molecular Manipulation suggestions and Their purposes (H Sakai); Sum Frequency iteration: An advent with contemporary advancements and present matters (M J Shultz); Propagation and Intramolecular Coupling results in Four-Wave blending Spectroscopy (J L Paz); regulate of Molecular Chirality via Lasers (K Hoki & Y Fujimura).

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2 mm for the laser beam, in a vacuum chamber is filled with a target gas medium. The gas cell is located near the focal region and the focal position of the fundamental laser field is to be adjusted such that the yield of the harmonic fields should be maximized. The generated harmonic fields can be measured with an XUV spectrometer placed ∼ 4 m away from the gas cell. The long distance from the focal region ensures the sufficiently low fluence of the laser field to avoid the ablation of a thin metal filter, which is utilized for the calibration of the spectrometer at the wavelength of the absorption edge, inserted in front of the XUV spectrometer.

First, we have replaced the electron spectrometer to an ion mass spectrometer. Second, we remove a tin filter to eliminate the possible degradation of the spatial coherence of the harmonic fields by going through the filter. We reduce, instead, the diameter of an aperture behind the harmonic separator mirrors from 3 mm to 2 mm, and also extend the focal length of a concave mirror made of siliconcarbide from 50 mm to 100 mm, in order to decrease the intensity of the residual fundamental laser field.

10. Energy diagram of helium. The thick solid arrows correspond to the photon energy of the 27th-order harmonic field. Detached electrons are symbolized as e− 1 and . Thin dotted arrow indicate a sequential double ionization process via the ground e− 2 state of a singly charged helium ion. The doubly charged ion can also be generated along the pathway depicted with a thin dot-dashed arrow. The singly charged ion should be excited with two-photon absorption, then further ionized with one-photon absorption in this pathway.

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