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By Robert Aish, Aparajit Pratap (auth.), Lars Hesselgren, Shrikant Sharma, Johannes Wallner, Niccolo Baldassini, Philippe Bompas, Jacques Raynaud (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3709112508

ISBN-13: 9783709112502

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Formation. On Responsive Information and Variations in Architecture, A. , Eds. 103-109. [Proc. ACADIA]. FLORY, S. 2010. Constrained Matching of Point Clouds and Surfaces. PhD thesis, Vienna University of Technology. 65 S. Flbry, Y. Nagai, F. Isvoranu, H. Pottmann, and J. Wallner Figure 14: The conoidal ruled strip of Figure 12 serves as the geometric basis of this lamella construction with wooden panels. All panels are parallel to a fixed plane, which is not only a bonus for manufacturing, but has interesting applications with regard to shading.

A stretcher bond can be split into odd and even layers. Given one of the two the other can easily be generated [Biirtschi et al. 2010]. Looking only at every second layer a stretcher bond can be represented as an orthogonal grid. Thus, it is easy to model the distance of a deformed bond to an ideal stretcher bond. It equates to the deformation of an orthogonal grid. Therefore, we restrict the relaxation method to the odd layers. The bridging defect blocks (Figure 2) are only placed on the even rows.

1999. Segmentation of measured point data using a parametric quadric surface approximation. -Aided Des. 31,7,449-457. 66 Thinking Topologically at Early Stage Parametric Design John Harding University of Bath & Ramboll UK Sam Joyce University of Bath Paul Shepherd University of Bath Chris Williams University of Bath Abstract. Parametric modelling tools have allowed architects and engineers to explore complex geometries with relative ease at the early stage of the design process. Building designs are commonly created by authoring a visual graph representation that generates building geometry in model space.

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