Download Achtung! Cthulhu: Zero Point - Heroes of the Sea by Modiphius Entertainment PDF

By Modiphius Entertainment

Wartime roleplaying…
…with tentacles!

Achtung! Cthulhu brings you a wartime name OF CTHULHU roleplaying online game atmosphere packed packed with fiendish Nazis, terrifying historic mysteries, mythical conflict machines, and adequate writhing tentacles to fill ten Reichstags!

Heroes of the ocean is the second one standalone experience complement within the globe-spanning 0 element crusade. Play infantrymen, brokers, and resistance warring parties within the chaos and carnage of the conflict of Dunkirk, as a sinister conspiracy threatens the lives of the backing out Allied forces!

Inside you can find every little thing you need:
• A standalone sixty three web page multi-episode event for a number of classes of play!
• New ideas for wartime investigations, together with tanks and Stukas!
• Maps of Europe and the evacuation at Dunkirk
• An “Operational Briefing” and plenty of different appealing handouts!
• 4 pre-generated characters to get you taking part in immediately!

Requires a duplicate of the decision OF CTHULHU sixth variation ideas to play.

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3. Unused Bedroom: The walls of this chamber are draped with occult runes of Nazi significance, occult paraphernalia, and images of a single man—a corpulent SS officer with a menacing expression. A successful Occult roll reveals the items relate to the German Ahnenerbe, and the images depict Karl Friedrich Walpurgen. Walpurgen often uses this room when he travels to Maglemosian; the décor is his own dream creation. 4. Prison: The solid steel bars require a Locksmith roll to open; they have 20 hp and 10 points of armour.

He’s a wiry-looking cockney who’s much tougher than he looks, very light-fingered, and with a joking cockiness that sometimes lapses into a brooding grimace. He’s never happier than when “appropriating” enemy equipment, and although he’s no hero, he can take outrageous risks when violence threatens. ) a replacement. 455 ebley k Service evolver 33%, damage 1D10+2, atts 1, base range 15 yds, shots 6, hp 10, malf 00 hompson 1928 1 Submachine gun 56%, damage 1D10+2, atts 1/b, base range 20 yds, shots 20, hp 8, malf 96 Knife 25%, damage 1D4+2, atts 1 Appearance: Ferret is as ferret does—Ron is always checking out his surroundings, picking things up, “accidentally” pocketing things he thinks might come in useful later.

Several are derived from skills in the Basic oleplaying by Chaosium, Inc. At the Keeper’s discretion, existing military characters may be permitted to already have scores in these skills. Artillery (01%) Allows the character to use field guns, anti-tank guns, tank cannon, howitzers, shore batteries, etc. Many such weapons require a crew to operate; attempting to do so single-handed is a Difficult action (halved skill score), and may be impossible at the Keeper’s discretion. Command (05%) Allows a character to lead troops in complex tasks, including combat.

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