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By R. Zarzycki, A. Chacuk and J.M. Coulson (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0080402623

ISBN-13: 9780080402628

This e-book supplies a pragmatic account of the trendy thought of calculation of absorbers for binary and multicomponent actual absorption and absorption with simultaneous chemical response. The publication includes components: the speculation of absorption and the calculation of absorbers. half I covers simple wisdom on diffusion and the idea of mass move in binary and multicomponent platforms. major pressure is laid on diffusion thought simply because this kinds the root for the absorption strategy. within the subsequent chapters the basics of simultaneous mass move and chemical response, the idea of the desorption of gases from beverages and the formula of differential mass balances are mentioned. half II is dedicated to the calculation of absorbers and the type of absorbers. The chapters current calculation tools for the fundamental sorts of absorber with a close research of the calculation equipment for packed, plate and bubble columns. The authors illustrate the offered fabric with a good number of examples, beginning with easy ones for binary platforms and finishing with column calculation for multicomponent systems.

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390 3 1 0. 602 907 4 1 . 06 0 . 837 452 3 235 13 0 5 1 . 07 0 . 8 9 0 390 3 . 130 0 1 0 6 190 43 graphically (Fig. 3-2). It should be noted that for dense gases the dependence of coefficients Ό on the mixture composition is illustrated only by the dependence of the reduced parameters on this composition. The average error using this method is in the range 1 to 20%. 3-2. 2 Κ b) ammonia (polar) - oxygen (nonpolar) at temperature Τ = 2 9 3 . 2 Κ. In both cases diffusion occurred under atmospheric pressure.

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00 + ( 16. 6XlO" m /kmol; 3 sB 3 ο A B_ = II. 6 X 9 0 . 0 Κ Τ 3 ( 2 5 . 8 X 1 0 " x 2 5 . 2) 3 [(25. 0Ί L m/s 2 2 9 3 J A comparison of calculated and experimental data is presented Table 3-A1. in 2 [m /s] with experimental data Table 3-A1. Comparison of calculated values Φ ij Exp. data System T) N -C 2 Η 2 6 -0 NH 3 α υ Hirschfelder xlO 5 V xlO Α 5 error Fuller D % χ10 Α Β 1. 46 2 . 2 Ί) xlO Α 5 error % Ε i 1.. 8 2 Example 3-B. 312 at temperature Τ = 370 Κ, under atmospheric pressure. 25 X 10 Pa?

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