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By Emmanuel Bove

ISBN-10: 0810160463

ISBN-13: 9780810160460

Translated via Nathalie Favre-Gilly
Afterword via Keith Botsford

Paris within the Nineteen Thirties: Louis Grandeville has a stunning spouse, a pleasant domestic, a devoted servant, and a wide circle of well-placed acquaintances. His monetary scenario doesn't require him to paintings. but Louis is obsessed by means of the nagging fact that he by no means has and not will quantity to whatever. He believes his existence is without any affection or target, crammed in its place with one thousand trifles meant to alleviate its monotony, and populated with people he seeks out to prevent being on my own yet for whom he cares little.

Every few days for one iciness, Louis writes down the main points of his unsatisfied marriage. even if his spouse, Madeleine, is the focus of his magazine, his painstakingly rendered analyses of her habit let us know extra approximately him than her, and concerning the damage humans can do to each other. Unsparing and insightful, A Winter's Journal is still some of the most devastating novels ever written at the self-destructive impulse found in all marriages.

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