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Wexford. S later seils this property to Sir Anthony Colclough. Since Colclough died in 1584, the conveyance of New Ross must have occurred by that year. The property was passed on to his son, Sir Thomas Colclough. 19, no. 1081): 'Being ready to send away his former letters, he received Burghley's of 25 September, whereunto, by reason of their oldness, he replies at once. Concerning the dislikes as are conceived of the charges of this realm, trusts that in the general answer to the memorial full satisfaction is yielded.

The colonel, with 12 of his chief gentlemen, trailing their ensigns rolled up, present their lives and the fort. Nov. 9, 600 put to the sword, of whom 400 were gallant and goodly persons. Captain Byngham a great jewel. Commends the bearer. Expects more Spaniards. Will leave J. Zouche as colonel, with 400 footmen and 50 horse, for the defence of the coast. Finds the people hard and stiff-necked, far from loving obedience. 29) describes the eleventh hour submission of the Spanish colonel thus: 'at my handes no condition of compositions were they to expecte, other then yt simply they should render me ye forte, & yield theyre selves to my will for lyfe or death: wt this answere he departed; after which there was one or two courses two and fro more, to have gotten a certeinty for some of their lief, but fynding that yt would not bee, ye Coronell 1580 15 him selt about Sunne setting came forth, & requested respite wt surcease of armes till ye nexte morning, & then he would give a resolute answere; fynding yt to bee but a gayne of tyme for them & losse of the same for my selt, I definitely answered I would not graunt yt, & therefore presently either yt he tooke my ofter or elles retoume & I would fall to my busines.

Doctor Chapman to be Dean of St. Patrick's. The composition for cess ends May 31, and must not be renewed. ' 22 A Spenser Chronology Towards the end of this month S accompanies Grey on a mission to pacify the O'Tooles, O'Bymes and Kavanaghs of Wicklowand Wexford. 43): 'Desires to be recalled. Has signified to Ormond Her Majesty's pleasure for his discharge. 45): 'His journey against the Kavanaghs. Repairs Castle Kevan and Castle Comin. Loss of some of his plate in a pass. Harrington's charge. Takes a prey from Crephin McMurrough Kavanagh and bums McVadock's country.

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