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At the eve of crucial presidential election in a long time, A state FOR ALL sounds the trumpet to the thousands and thousands of U.S. Catholics who've refused to shop for the thought that folks of religion needs to join the slender time table of the a ways correct. by means of shining the sunshine of actual Catholic instructing on urgent modern issues like warfare, human dignity, poverty, and the looming international weather concern, this ebook exhibits Catholics how their very own religion culture calls them to take on a sweeping array of concerns generally disregarded of the religion and politics conversation. most vital, A kingdom FOR ALL demonstrates how the middle Catholic and Christian trust in selling the typical strong grants americans of all religion traditions with a much-needed option to the downward spiral of greed, materialism, and over the top individualism.

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In general, the past four decades have witnessed a slow erosion of common good values, along with the decline of community, a rise in corporate power, and the movement of working-class Catholics from the economic margins of American society to a comfortable place in the middle class. The 1980s in particular witnessed the advance of a political philosophy that vilified ‘‘big government’’—an idea that resonated widely at a time of economic stagnation and gloomy American morale. Indeed, as many Catholics themselves began to realize the American dream, they started to view government less as a protector of basic rights and services for the marginalized and the poor and more as a meddlesome ‘‘tax-and-spend’’ bureaucracy.

As people of faith, we believe in the kind of moral urgency that inspired movements to end slavery, secure women the vote, and galvanize black and white Americans to confront the sins of racism and bigotry. To build a culture of the common good, we need courageous and creative policies that respond to the urgent moral issues of our time. We need laws to help create more just and equitable social structures and to protect everyone’s rights. In Chapter Five, ‘‘An Agenda for the Common Good,’’ we will take a deeper look at the role government, law, and public policy can play in restoring our focus on the common good and building a nation for all.

In 2007, Catholics in Alliance, along with a number of prominent Christian leaders, sponsored a campaign to challenge the commercialization of Christmas and the seasonal Christmas pundit, Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly. ’’ But most Americans feel a different kind of panic and pressure every December: the need to fight snarls of traffic and run around like maniacs to buy the latest and greatest gifts. Christmas itself is supposed to be a gift—a message 12 A NATION FOR ALL of hope and peace and love for the poor in the darkest time of the year.

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