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3 REGISTERS AND SURVEYS In the UK unemployment means the number of people who choose to be listed on the Unemployment Register. There is no obligation on anyone to register, but you cannot receive unemployment or related supplementary benefit unless you are registered. If you want to obtain a job through a Jobcentre, you call there and scan the vacancies. The job searching process is quite separate from the Unemployment Register. 4). The 'real number' of unemployed may be more or less than the Register count.

5400, the cost to the company would be £2250 a year. Mr A may consider that £5400 is too small an income to live on and the company that the cost is the limit that can be afforded. So no deal can be made unless there is some further subsidy. In redundancy situations the lump sum compensation may make an added attraction to early retirement for the employee, while the cost of the extra attraction is not all borne by the employer. ) Early retirement, when it is necessary in any case to reduce staff, is a less difficult and more sympathetic method of doing so than pure redundancy and dismissal.

18 Unemployment Reduction Measures Category (1), the hard core ofunemployables, are what is called today the long-term unemployed. They are not completely unemployable but they are very difficult to employ. 5 The object would be to keep people reasonably contented and ready to take up employment if the opportunity arises, but otherwise working on a small scale and perhaps learning some new things, the lack of knowledge of which may have been the reason for the prolonged unemployment in the first place.

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